Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boho Baby, Louisiana Lady

free people
Although I cannot wait for the Summer, it is about to get pretty hot here in the South!

Which is why I love all of these pieces... they are light, flowy, and free- and made with materials that breathe!  They are simple whites & creams- but have such exquisite detailing.  (#6 is my personal favorite.)

Shop the Looks:

    1.  Fondly St. Tropez Tunic         2.  Lolita Syndrome Dress

    3.  Open Shoulder Maxi Dress   4.  Dear Brigitte Top

    5.  Strong Embrace Tube Top    6.  Crazy For Love Dress

P.S.  If you purchase any of the items featured in this post (or anywhere else on Blonde & Lippy), send a photo of yourself (to wearing it, and you just might be selected to be featured on Blonde & Lippy!


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