Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Obagi Exfoderm Forte

A product I cannot live without...

secret to radiant skin

Adding Obagi Exfoderm Forte to your current skincare routine will be the best thing that ever happened to your skin.  I currently use Rodan + Fields products, and adding this stuff (an oldie but goody- I used with the Obagi system previously) definitely helps my R+F products work more effectively.  

Because Exfoderm Forte is 6% Glycolic Acid and 4% Lactic Acid, I do not use it every day... I stick to every other day or every 2 days- it really depends on the sensitivity of my skin.

Although it says to use in the a.m., I use it at night.  My routine is as follows:  R+F daily cleansing mask, R+F Toner, Exfoderm Forte (I let it absorb for a few minutes), R+F Night Renewal Serum, R+F p.m. renewing cream and eye cream.  The Exfoderm Forte has DEFINITELY made my Night Renewal Serum more effective!!

As I've said before, exfoliation of your skin is KEY.  Read more about the importance of exfoliating your skin in this post (it also includes my favorite scrub!).  Exfoderm Forte ensures that your skin cells are turning over more rapidly with its alpha hydroxy acids and helps your other skincare products penetrate better.

The Break Down:

  • contains a high percentage of alpha hydroxy acids: (6% Glycolic Acid; 4% Lactic Acid)
  • exfoliates dead skin cells
  • smoothes and tones skin
  • helps with fine lines
  • great for dull skin
  • avoid eye area
  • for normal to oily skin (try Obagi Exfoderm for normal to dry skin)
  • helps other products penetrate more deeply

PURCHASE w/ Free Shipping:
  • Obagi Exfoderm Forte  
  • (you can also purchase from a dermatologist or other doctor's office; this is a link to get a discounted price on Amazon... my friend and I have both ordered separately from this Amazon vendor, and the product was not expired and the exact same you get from the doctor!)
  • If you have dry skin:  Obagi Exfoderm

About my Rodan + Fields skincare regimen:

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