Monday, April 22, 2013

The Best of Beauty: The Best Facial Scrub
(& tips on exfoliating your skin)

exfoliating face scrub
Why is exfoliating important?
  • As we age, our skin's ability to generate and shed skin cells slows down, exfoliating sloughs off this dead skin and stimulates your dermal layer... which causes skin regeneration (which means you'll have fresher, healthier skin)
  • It improves skin tone and texture (more vibrant skin!)
  • It increases your skin's ability to absorb products (e.g. moisturizers, serums)
  • If you don't exfoliate, your skin cells will build up... leading to clogged pores, dull/dry skin, excess oil, blemishes/acne/blackheads
  • It helps you get rid of blackheads
  • It helps with fine lines and wrinkles
Vivite Exfoliating Facial Cleanser is my favorite new product discovered ever in the past year.  I have been on the search for a great facial scrub for a long time.  My friend purchased it from her plastic surgeon's office and after trying hers, I had to buy it.  

Why is this Vivite scrub so great?  It combines manual AND chemical exfoliation.  It contains 15% glycolic acid compound and exfoliating microbeads (super tiny, so they won't damage skin) that work together to slough off all your dead skin.  You can actually feel it tingling... I LOVE IT when I can feel a little burn or something with a product... let's me know it's powerful and it works!

Note:  Due to it's strength, you should only use it 2-3 times a week.

This scrub is amazing.  It definitely makes my skin glow.  It also removes peeling skin well... which is useful to me if I use a stronger retinol on my skin and experience peeling.

I use this scrub WITH my Clarisonic Face Brush to get the ultimate exfoliating experience.  My favorite  way to do this is to take a really hot bath- and at the end of the bath (once you've sweat a little and your pores are open) take a hot washcloth (don't burn your face!) and place it over my face to open those pores up a little bit more... then I take a little bit of the scrub and put it all over my face... let the glycolic compound work for a minute or so... then I put a little scrub on my Clarisonic- turn it on, and exfoliate my face... being VERY careful not to get the scrub IN my eyes and careful around the delicate skin AROUND my eyes!

  • Visit the Vivite Skincare website to learn more about their products and this scrub.
BUT, buy it here at Amazon where it is much cheaper... and yes, I ordered mine from the same place and it is legit, which shocked me because I paid a little over $20 instead of the regular $39 price!

P.S. This is just part of my skincare regimen... I have another great product discovery which I will post about soon!

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