Friday, April 12, 2013

Skin Care Regimen- Kiss & Tell

I wish I had figured it out sooner how VERY important your skin care regimen is.  I have always taken off my makeup and washed my face before bed, but until the past year or so I never worried much about what kinds of products I used besides that: e.g.-...eye cream, retinols, etc...

While this blog focuses primarily on makeup... I want to get down to the nitty gritty!  I have a total love affair with makeup- but, I don't like to wear it often.   I HATE wearing it during the day (especially in the summer); I prefer wearing it only on the weekends.  (I'm definitely a mascara only -if even that- type of girl during the week)

...which brings me to the fact that I want my skin to be awesome/clear/perfect/wrinkle-free. 

I  have my beauty regimen down to a science (and I have to say that after a visit to a top esthetician I think it's amazing... planning to share MY regimen with you soon!!),  but I want to get input from all of you ladies (hell, even gentlemen too!) on what products and tricks you use.

Let's get together the best anti-aging, wrinkle-reducing, skin-perfecting products (tips/tricks too!) out there!!  

Although I feel like I've tried everything out there, there is always more! Please give me your input so I can share THE BEST OF THE BEST of Beauty on here!  

Email me:

P.S. Please include your age (if you're ok with that!) in your email... only because women of different ages have different skin!

Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you!