Monday, April 15, 2013

Trend: Ombre Lips

lip tarlip tar

IN LOVE with this look.  Since I love experimenting with makeup, I can think of a million different ways to do "ombre" with my lips.  The looks featured were done using Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar.

The look on the LEFT is created using Lip Tar in Interlace & Black Dahlia.
  1. Use a lip brush to define the UPPER lip with Black Dahlia.
  2. Blend downward to your inner pout... just a little on the inside of your bottom lip.
  3. Use Interlace (with a clean lip brush- there is one included with each Lip Tar) to blend from the bottom edge of your lower lip to the area where you applied the Black Dahlia on the inner pout.

The look on the RIGHT is created using Lip Tar in Narcissus, Feather, & Trollop.
  1. Use Narcissus as a base shade all over the lips.
  2. Blend Feathered on the lip line-all the way around the lips.
  3. Dab Trollop on your inner pout.

However, there is another fool-proof easier way to create this look if the thought of  Lip Tar  and lip brushes scares you away!

bite lip layers
bite lip layers

(Just try to ignore the ugly teeth and weird vampire-ish looking packaging... is that what they were going for??)

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