Monday, May 6, 2013

Beauty Icon: Kate Bosworth

I love Kate Bosworth's style AND her makeup choices.  She always looks so naturally beautiful.  I truly believe someone is more eye-catching when they have a natural beauty as opposed to caking the makeup on.  She always look so young and fresh.  Here are a few of my favorite of Kate's looks and how to achieve that natural look yourself.  You'll notice she never does BOTH a dramatic eye and lip... it's always either or.

natural makeup
Left:  Flawless skin, minimal makeup, strong brows with a bold red lip.
Right:  Sheer coverage for your foundation or powder; eyes lined by waterlining the eye (lining the inner rim of your lash line); nude lip; pale blush.

smokey eyes
Left: Smokey, shimmery eyes; bronzey blush; nude lip
Right: Minimal makeup; rosy cheeks; rosy lips

cat eyes
Left: Flawless, full-coverage foundation; light pink blush; cat eye eyeliner; long lashes; pale pink lips
Right: Sheer coverage foundation; rosy pink lipgloss

pink lips
Left: Perfectly bronzed body; shimmery eyes; bronzer; earth tone blush; earth tone lips
Right: Minimal makeup; strong brows; play up the lashes; hot pink lipstick


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