Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The MACRO Exfoliator
...(My New Favorite Thing)

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Professional Level, Doctor's Office Results at Home?!  I was skeptical, but....

This is 100%, hands-down the absolute best at-home beauty tool beauty ANYTHING I have ever used.  I had been thinking about trying the Rodan + Fields Macro E for a long time, and I honestly never got around to trying it until recently.  I did not want to spend the money on it, but I have never been more amazed at the results of anything skincare related. After ONE USE, I could tell a major difference in my skin.  Don't believe me? Look at the below photo!  I swear to you... the before and after were taken 5 minutes apart.
My skin had never looked so vibrant and SMOOTH.  This is definitely the path to "luminous skin."

rodan and fields real results
UNRETOUCHED- My forehead (yikes!) after my first time using the Macro E

Honestly, I should have known it was going to be fabulous after I read about it in "O Magazine"... you know Oprah knows her stuff! Haha!  But really, as I am getting older I am realizing that if there is one thing I want to invest in, it's my skin!

Here are a few things I DID NOT KNOW about the Macro E until I used it:
It is intense! There is a lot of suction going on, so use with caution.  You can do the auto-setting "Doc-Smart" patent pending technology, which varies the degree and duration of the macro-exfoliation.  The screen will show you which area of the face you should be exfoliating (and the direction and amount of time you should spend there).  This is how I started, but I did have to adjust the intensity throughout the process for my first use.  I love that you can adjust the intensity because you can start out easy and work your way up.
It comes with filters, so after each use, you can actually SEE the skin cells that shed during the exfoliation.  (Gross but cool.)
You can download a "Macro E" app on your phone to track your progress and have reminders sent to you for your next use.
You can only use it once a week!

at home microdermabrasion

The reason these Rodan + Fields products and tools are so great is that the doctors set out to create products that closely resemble what they used in their own practices.  The Macro Exfoliator sweeps away 5 million dead skin cells in just 5 minutes.  I was seriously shocked that just one use could so drastically change my skin and fine lines.  One thing I was worried about was that my face would be beet red for a few days... but thankfully, your Macro E comes complete with "cooling gels" that soothe your skin overnight.  

"Cooling gels" that come with your Macro E

I have only used mine one time, and I cannot wait to see how my skin looks after weeks of using it!  Another thing I think it helped with was blackheads... my skin just looked so smooth and clear after that one use!  I can't imagine blackheads would even be able to build up if you are continually using this.

rodan and fields macro e
You should hold your skin taut while using the Macro Exfoliator.

rodan and fields redefine
UNRETOUCHED results from using the Redefine Regimen with the Macro Exfoliator


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*Please read thoroughly before purchasing, as people with certain skincare conditions are not candidates for the Macro Exfoliator.

**For more information on the Rodan + Fields skincare regimen I use: My Secret to Amazing Skin.
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As always, please feel free to email me with any questions:  blondeandlippy@gmail.com

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