Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How To Get Natural-Looking Curls or Waves

The Curling Wand

Immediately after curling...

what is the best curling wand
No, I do not have any extensions in... this wand creates full curls that hold in your actual hair.

Do you have a problem with your hair holding a curl?  If so, we are in the same boat.  My hair always falls flat... or always did until curling WANDS were invented.

The next morning, after sleeping on my hair...

beach waves
Exactly what I wanted... loose, wavy curls that were ok for the day time!

Although there are different kinds, I like tapered wands because they give your hair more of a natural, wavy look instead of ringlet curls.  You can see from the pictures that the bottom isn't exactly curled under like a curling iron would do... this is because you are holding the end of your hair as you wrap it around the iron.

How are curling wands and curling irons different?

  • a wand does not have a clamp like the curling iron
  • most wands get hotter than curling irons, which supposedly is healthier for your hair because you use it probably half the time on each section of hair (your hair isn't exposed to the heat as long)
  • they give you different types of curls (ringlet curls v. beachy waves)

Is using a curling wand difficult?

  • No way!  I think wands are easier than curling irons... you literally just take a section of your hair and wrap it around the wand (starting at the thicker end or base of the wand), hold it for a few seconds, then let the curl fall.

What kind do I use?

  • The Hot Tools Curly Q Tapered Curling Iron (yes it says "curling iron" but typically a wand means that it doesn't have a clip... this is a flipperless curling iron)
  • I love, love Hot Tools products... they are professional grade, but at a reasonable price and with a 1 year warrant... although every Hot Tool product I have owned has never quit on me!


Of course, I found the best price out there for you guys with Free Shipping:

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