Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What is the Best Facewash Out There?

obagi v rodan and fields

Which facewash is right for YOU?

Ok... what I have come to realize is that everyone likes something a little different when it comes to their facewash.  Some people like a foaming wash, some a creamy wash, etc...

So, I have picked out my favorites in each category.  All of these are tested, tried, and true!

1.  Obagi Foaming Gel  

A foaming wash that I truly adore.  Why? Because it takes off ALL my makeup and it's a great price for a high-end wash that will last you awhile.

2.  Rodan and Fields Daily Cleansing Mask 

A clay mask/wash that is pretty amazing.  You wet your fingers with warm water,  then massage the mask onto your DRY face (it also has a gentle exfoliator).  Let it dry for a few minutes... I then remove it with my Clarisonic (click HERE for more info on the Clarisonic Skincare Brush).  I love it because it removes impurities from your skin without being drying at all.  The fact that it doubles as a mask is great because Kaolin Clay actually draws impurities out of your pores.

3.  Vivite Daily Facial Cleanser 

If you're looking for something with chemical action, this one is for you... it contains 12% glycolic compound (due to this DO NOT use in or around your eyes!).

4.  Lancome Creme Radiance Clarifying Cleanser 

This one also removes your makeup... it is a cream wash that foams as you massage it onto your face with water.  

What do I use?  Usually a combo...  

If I have makeup on,  I use my Obagi Foaming Gel when I take my bath to take all my makeup off.  I then use my Rodan and Fields mask (avoiding my eye area) because I'm obsessed with it.   and it has really changed my skin... along with the entire R+F line that I use- click HERE for more info.

If I do not have makeup on, I use the R+F wash/mask by itself because I believe it is the most effective yet gentle facewash I have ever used on my face.  It truly makes my skin feel so smooth! (especially when used along with my Clarisonic.)

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