Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Clarisonic

clarisonic face brush

It took me forever to actually purchase... I saw it in Sephora and probably didn't buy it for another 6 months b/c I could not stomach paying $200 or more for a brush to wash my face. But let me tell you, I am OBSESSED.  

Let me start from the beginning....

I didn't have what you would call problematic skin.  I had the occasional small pimple on my chin and then tiny blackheads on my nose/chin (ugh... finally rid of those... will be doing posts on how later on!).  My main reason for wanting this was to get impurities out of my skin (ESPECIALLY blackheads) and exfoliate to try and minimize the fine lines (or keep them from appearing!) on my face.  The brush doesn't "spin"... if you have used a Sonic toothbrush, then you know how it works. Basically... the bristles vibrate super fast, which draws dirt/oil/gross stuff out of your pores.  

I saw a post on FB recently saying the Clarisonic was too harsh for your skin... I asked my esthetician about this... she said definitely not (and she doesn't sell the Clarisonic!).  She asked,  "Is it a bad thing to get your teeth super clean when you use a sonic toothbrush?!"  She told me it is awesome for your skin because it gets it SO clean and exfoliates it daily.

Also, I had a facial at the Four Seasons Hotel Spa in Las Vegas recently... they used the brush there as part of the facial!  They used it on my face and decolletage to clean and exfoliate the area.  If a top spa is using it, you know it has to be good!  

(By the way, I don't know if it's due to the Clarisonic or the products I use, but the lady doing my facial asked me how many times a month I get a facial and was shocked when I said I hardly ever had them.  THAT shows me my skin care regimen is working!)

The first time I ever used my Clarisonic, I was amazed at how smooth my skin felt.  I do have to add that about a week or so into using it, I started having little breakouts on my chin (the oily area of my face).  But after doing some research online, I figured out that my skin was just getting the impurities out of it... so it was a good thing. Phew.  But after that, my skin was clear.

It claims to remove 6X the makeup and 2X the dirt/oil on your skin.  All I know is that after a month of using it (I started using it over 2 years ago) I could see a difference in my skin. It was so smooth, clear, and it just felt so fresh.

In addition, I feel like it makes my skin look more vibrant in the mornings... probably due to the vibration.

One thing that worried me was having to charge it a lot- not a problem- I probably charge it once every 2 weeks. Also, I take a lot of baths... drop it in your bath, no problem (and no electrocution! haha). It is completely waterproof.

Let me note that I have the Clarisonic PLUS (the white brush seen in the above photo).  After using the MIA, I could tell the difference between the two.  It does have more power than the MIA's, but the MIA's come in different colors/designs and are easier to travel with!  If you have the money, go for the Clarisonic Plus (check out the offer below to split up your payments if you want!).  

The MIA starts at $119.00 while the PLUS goes for $225.00.  You make the call, but I'm telling you- BUY A Clarisonic! You will love your skin!
clarisonic sale

The Clarisonic is also available on  Sooo, if you can't stomach paying $225 at once... they allow you to do it in 3 payments of $75!

This may make it easier for you to deal with paying so much for a face brush...
QVC's set comes with the following:

  • Clarisonic PLUS device
  • Delicate brush head
  • Sensitive brush head
  • Body brush head
  • Normal brush head
  • 1-fl oz gel cleanser
  • 6-fl oz gently hydro cleanser
  • 2-fl oz refining skin polish
  • 6-fl oz refining skin polish
  • Charging cradle
  • Measures 7"L x 2-3/4"W x 3"D
  • UL listed charger; 2-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

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