Friday, January 11, 2013

Shopping Smart: Forever 21

I think that your wardrobe should be a mix of high end and... let's call them not-so-high end pieces.

As I said in the earlier post Dreaming of the Tropics Part Deux, I do believe that most of the time you get what you pay for as far as quality goes.  (I'll do another post on this, but when it comes to trendy pieces... do not spend your money on $$$ pieces you may wear once or twice!)
Anyway, most of us cannot afford to buy every piece of our wardrobe at Saks or Neiman's. (...and even if I could, I still LOVE a good bargain!)

There is a smart way to shop when it comes to stores like Forever 21  I tend to focus on the clothing's material and gravitate toward more neutral pieces.

For example, I wore a Stella McCartney blazer with a $27 basic black dress from Forever21.  Everyone focuses on the blazer... not the plain dress underneath!

You truly can experiment with your accessories and other classic pieces in this way- change it up with belts, blazers, tights, cardigans for work, etc.

I also check out Forever21 for cute skirts that I can pair with a nicer blouse....

Here are a few pieces on right now that I think are absolutely adorable and don't scream cheap:


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